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Individuals' Sites

  • The Armchair Economist
    The Armchair Economist is Chan Hon Wai's personal website. His area of specialisation is the venture capital, although he has written a host of other economics-related material, all available onsite.
    Dominic Soon's vehicle for expressing his views of the world, many with an economics leaning. A fairly fun site, with irreverent, and oftentimes funny views, and nuggets of insight.
  • +regeneration
    This stylish site by Wei Neng - the "Marginal Cow" - includes his most political economic thoughts on many issues; in particular, I like his Singapore writings.
    Although not, strictly speaking, an economics-related site, Meng Wong possesses an unusually perceptive eye for issues related to ICT and business economics that are well worth exploring.

Think Tanks

  • Institute of Policy Studies
    The major think tank on domestic policy, headed by Prof. Tommy Koh. Some pretty handy conference reports are available.
  • Singapore Institute for International Affairs
    Another small think-tank, chaired by Simon Tay. Large library of speeches, articles and papers made available online.
  • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
    How does one sell one's ex-employer? The institute's site contains - other than institute-related details - information on fellowship & scholarships, working papers and access to the famous ISEAS library.
  • East Asian Institute
    A small think-tank based in NUS as well. The site gives a full list of publications, but they are not made available. Otherwise, site provides little more.
  • Institute for Defence & Strategic Studies
    An excellent site with comprehensive information about the institute and several academic programmes. Again, unfortunately, working papers are not made freely available.
  • Centre for Financial Engineering
    The CFE is the main financial research centre in Singapore, housed under the auspices of the National University of Singapore. Its strengths are in cutting-edge research in financial engineering, an extremely rigorous new field that draws from the disciplines of economics, finance and engineering.
  • Center for Entrepreneurship
    Based in the National University of Singapore, and directed by Wong Poh Kam, the author of (virtually) all things ICT-related in Singapore. Site provides a comprehensive reading list and some recent working papers.

University Departments