The Friendship Song

Key of E major

Along the trails of life
There'll be many brambles and thorns
A dark lonely road, a tempestuous sea
A wild and fiery storm.
Moving on through wind and rain
The road leads us back again
The crossroads of life, they twist and turn
But still its the same refrain

Along the trails of life
We meet people of truth and grace
A difficult friend, an earthly angel
People without a face
Moving on with lovers and friends
We discover ourselves through them
Different lives, in different worlds
Yet working hand in hand

Looks like the cover of my old biology text

And that's what friends are for
That's what friends are for
Through wind and rain
Through hurt and pain
You know that's what friends are for

Along the trails of life
We need comfort and love and warmth
The nightingale's song, the gentle touch
The feeling that we belong
Moving on we find our past
Reflects forgotten dreams
But the future's yet, a siren song
To mould to what it means

This song was written on January 15th, 1997, during boot camp.