Commentaries, Research Papers
& Various Other Thoughts

Scribbles & Scratches

  • Marginal Notes
    Discrete thoughts on the world economy, politics, and the non-optimal surplus that lies between the two. Unpolished economics, in the raw, too pathetic for full elucidation.

  • Minutiae
    The sideswipe of the quill on a dull day, or perhaps the meticulous log of an obsessed perfectionist. Primarily personal candy, give or take a flake of wisdom on a rare occasion.

Other Random Material

  • The Friendship Song
    First penned when I was going through boot camp in the army; subsequently revised for a friend's wedding.

  • Musings on Wine
    I started this after the completion of a wine course, as virgin thoughts on a new-found love.

  • Reminiscing Friendships
    Another nostalgic piece, penned in response to a brief article that I received from an old friend. What have we lost in seeking what we have gained?

  • Memories of Childhood
    Initially meant to be a writing sample for my uni application, but later developed into more of a nostalgic recollection.

  • Tasting Notes
    Begun with my first foray into the world of wine, and subsequently appended as I fed my interest in the vine.

  • Wine Scoring Proposal   Adobe Acrobat Required
    This is a modest proposal for a beefed-up wine scoring system that includes not just demand-side (mainly preferences) but also supply-side aspects.

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