Tasting Notes

These notes are based on the Wine and Spirit Education Trust's Systematic Approach to Tasting.



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Rhone Valley

  1. Chateauneuf du Pape
  2. Vidal-Fleury Portfolio


  1. Cremant de Bourgagne Blanc de Blanc Brut
    Appearance: pale lemon
    Nose: medium intensity, youthful, with mild yeast nose
    Palate: dry, with medium acidity, a medium-light body, mild fruitiness - flavours of green apples - low alcohol and a forgettable length
    Conclusions: an average contribution, ready to drink, probably good for parties where nobody cares two hoots about the quality of the bubbly.

  2. NV Le Mesnil Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru.
    Appearance: clear lemon
    Nose: clean and youthful, a pronounced nose with honey-treacle scents
    Palate: dry, with a stingisng acidity, fruit character more disappointing than its nose suggests, with a medium length
    Conclusions: acceptable, but a little oldish



  1. 1995 Barbaresco
    Appearance: deep garnet
    Nose: medium intensity, signs of maturing, with a woody-vegetal scent and mild spices
    Palate: dry, with medium acidity and biting tannin; however, overall body is light and the flavours correspond with the nose. Good length.
    Conclusions: above average, a viable alternative to Rhone reds.


  1. 1998 Valpolicella Classico
    Appearance: pronounced crimson core
    Nose: medium-pronounced, young nose of black pepper
    Palate: Dry, with balanced acidity and tannin, a medium body with hints of cherry fruit and mild spices, and a fairly good length.
    Conclusions: above average and could age for a year or two.



  1. Crianza



  1. Late Bottled Vintage Port

New World


  1. McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. Young Australian Portfolio
  3. Wild Duck Creek Estate Heathcote Portfolio
  4. Wendouree Cellars Portfolio

United States

  1. Thunder Mountain Vineyards


  1. Chilean Merlot Reserva

This will be a continually (albeit, periodically) updated set of notes.